Cool Planet Labs presents: Solutionaries, a fiscally sponsored, educational, non-profit project dedicated to providing an online environment to share climate change solutions. Our mission is to mobilize people, especially young people, to support and implement real, effective, action-oriented, community-based solutions. Our initial goal is to make the discovery and sharing of climate change solutions fun and easy. 

Project Objectives

  • Develop a solution platform that drives interactive storytelling
  • Establish a central hub to map and aggregate climate change problems and solutions
  • Open Source platform inspires young people to post and share information
  • Launch first set of interactive applications - a series developed as the point of entry for our crowd sourced solution library


The Solutionaries interactive series will engage children’s imaginations in a quest to discover solutions to climate change, and to identify real-life “heroes” who are implementing those solutions. 

The first application in this three-part series is called The Storybox Adventure and follows a ten-year-old girl who goes on a quest to restore her Storybox, and discover seven climate heroes (Solutionaries).

These climate leaders collectively bring together solutions that can solve climate change.

To learn more about the Solutionaries go to:

Art Treasures

Seven renowned artists have created unique works of art dedicated to seven climate heroes "Solutionaries" Included are: internationally acclaimed author Margaret Atwood, celebrated artist Lily Yeh, renown shadow sculpture artist Mac Adams, photographic surrealist master artist Fran Forman, Italian Mosaic artist Giulio Menossi, painter Mia Tavonatti, and hot glass artist Ron Seivertson.


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